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On the drive home from church on Sunday, we were treated to a spectacular sight – so of course my camera was at home and my phone battery was almost dead (it wouldn’t have done it any justice anyway).

Picture this:

There had been a stunning downpour during church so everything was drenched as we drove home. And just as we were leaving the car park, the dense, dark clouds began to part and the brilliant afternoon sunlight bathed the rooftops and treetops in the most staggering shade of gold. It seemed like half the sky was night and the other half was bursting like sunrise. That in and of itself was breathtaking, but it doesn’t stop there. I said to the kids, ‘Twenty bucks says there a beautiful rainbow around. There has to be.’ We continued our usual conversation and not five minutes later, we were treated to the most vivid, complete arch of a rainbow! Whenever we see rainbows, we almost always have a partial one, but not this one! It was a perfect arch with each color standing out in clear distinction from the others! It was glorious.

As we continued to drive home, it seemed that we were driving straight at it, and for the best fifteen minutes or so we chased that rainbow. I even pulled over for a few seconds so Larissa and Tristan could see the whole thing since their view was restricted from their boosters in the backseat.

When we finally got out of the car, we saw that there was a faint second rainbow right above it. Tristan came around to my side of the car and raised his hands for me to pick him up. I’m so lucky that not only am I still able to carry him, but that he lets me and more often than not seeks it out himself. I never stop marveling at that. So, I picked him up and we stood cuddling in the lightly drizzling rain. A few moments later, he took off his suit jacket and covered my head with it – such a selfless act since we were both getting wet. Ah, so much love and gratitude flowed through me in that moment. I was so blessed to be surrounded by so much magic.

And that’s all I have to say about that…

For now.