My little boy knows how much I love to read. Heck, I think everyone knows how much I love to read! And he loves to do thoughtful little acts of kindness for me. So a few weeks back he started to do a new kind of service for me. It started off with him making my bed, (which I really appreciate because I hate doing it!) then one night as I’m heading off to bed, I find this:

reading material

‘What’s that?’, I hear you ask. Why that’s all his schoolwork from last year that he’s left for me to read! Is that not super precious?!


reading material 2

You might also be wondering why a grown woman is sleeping on a Spiderman pillow. Well, that’s another super-cute thing he does. He absolutely loves my smell. He tells me so all the time. And he loves it so very much that every other night he trades pillows with me so he can have the one with my smell to sleep on for the night. And this is how on some nights I’m sleeping on a superhero pillow, or a dinosaur pillow, or whatever else adorns his pillow when he trades it with me.

It’s one of my favorite things right now. Just basking in the love this little boy has for his momma.

I also love that early the next morning, he came into my room and found one of my journals and started thumbing through it.

reading journal

It was like he gave me a glimpse into his mind and then wanted to take a look in mine.

I cherish intimate moments like this.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

For now…