That was quite a break between posts, huh? How time flies! But don’t you worry. I didn’t spend that time idly, or at least not all of it anyway.  There have been quite a few adventure, believe me. But that’s for another day…

In Australia, the school year begins in January, usually the last week. There are four terms/semesters with three 2-week breaks and a 6-week break at the end of the year, around the middle of December. I love school holidays. Not just because I don’t have to be all frantic and worked-up about schedules, but because I love having the little ones around. Yes, sometimes it can drive me to the very brink of insanity (or push me right over once or twice), but I love being near them. Back-to-School Eve was sad. It always seems so official, more so than their birthdays that they are that much older now. I took a photo of the three of them on the backdoor steps.

Back to School Eve

And just like that, the next morning we woke up to a 2nd-grader, a 4th-grader and an 11th-grader. Heaven help me I have an 11th-grader!

back to school

And with that, the all-too-brief respite from all the madness was over. I am now well and truly entrenched in the countless forms, bills, and dramas of schooling until the next brief break comes along. 🙂

And that all I have to say about that.

For now…