I walked briskly up the green hillside, leaving behind my comrades. The entire vista is a giant sea of broad green hills and meadows that stretch as far as the eye can see. It would usually be the kind of place that would arrest my attention, but not today, because my mind is reeling with the immensity of the task I am burdened with.

I hear a shout from behind and I turn to see him walking toward me, his ridiculous headgear placed pompously on his head. Ugh. I don’t need this right now! As he closes the gap between us, I try to not to think of the way my pulse races at the idea that he is coming to me. I feign nonchalance and keep walking.

As we walk in silence for what feels like an eternity, I try to formulate a plan to defeat the evil that threatens our very existence. It’s all well and good to set off on such a perilous quest, but to have no idea how to accomplish what we need is more than a little dangerous. I don’t want him to think that I’m depending on him to play the hero. This is my war too.

I breathe in the cool air that carries the scent of my surrounds. Everything smells so… green. To match his clothes, I think. I sneak a sidelong glance at him and notice how the sunlight glints off the horns. I roll my eyes thinking how it would serve as a beacon to anyone remotely paying attention. I toy with the idea of telling him to take it off, but I impulsively reach across and grab it by a horn and yank it off. His look is murderous, but I snap, ‘The light reflecting off it will give away our location!’, before he can say a word. He grumbles as he arches his hand gently, as though he were stroking the head of a child, and with a shimmer the helmet is gone from between my fingers, leaving behind a pleasant fizzle like a million little bubbles popping against my skin. I can’t keep the awe from my face. I’m thinking of how formidable an ally he will prove, when I realize with horror that I have come this far and my weapons are still all the way at the bottom of the hill.

I turn and run. I run so hard, it feels like I could actually fly if I went any faster. I have some idea that he’s calling my name from a distance, but all I can think of is how stupid I can be to have left my weapons behind. My sword is almost always in my hand, and only ever in its scabbard when I need both hands for doing things. Why would I have set them down? And how did I get this far without missing them?

I come to an abrupt halt at the edge of the cliff. This wasn’t here when I was climbing this hill a few minutes ago! Fear grips me as I feel the dizzying effect of vertigo take over me. My stomach muscles constrict and I feel like I will be over the edge any moment now. I can see the expanse of a grassy meadow at the bottom like an inviting bed, waiting for me to fall in. I’m about to give in to the pull when I feel his arm wrapping around my waist from behind, and I feel the first breath rush into my lungs. I hadn’t even realized I had been holding my breath.

A new kind of dizziness takes over me at the idea of being so close to him. I think of his constant harshness to everyone else. His notorious tricks. Shutting out anyone that tries to get close to him. So, why did he choose to come with me?

Savoring the feel of his closeness, I start to turn around….

…. and I feel the dream slipping away slowly.

No. No. No. Aw, come on! I try desperately to stay asleep so I could see where it would go. It was so real I tells ya! And it was so delicious. It had everything. Beautiful scenery, I was a warrior, Loki was not only my ally but apparently we had a little something going on… Man! I was so bummed to be awake.

I have to tell you, I love my dreams. But some days, like today, I wish there was some way I could hold on to them. I have the best dreams!

And that’s all I have to say about that…

For now.