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Day 15 Photo-a-Day Challenge

I was going to do my post on how time passes for a mother. One of the strangest things about being a mother is your perception of time. Everything is in slow-motion and fast-forward all at once. Your day feels interminable because of the mundane, but every now and again, as you watch the rapid changes in your children, you realize just how quickly it all goes by.

But, something more pressing has taken precedence on my wishlist.

The photo for today’s post is of my children having a giggle on the couch as they waited for their father to pick them up for the night. The arrangement is that he has them on Friday nights and most of Saturday, I have them the rest of the time. My wish as I was taking the picture was that they would stop growing so quickly.

All that changed. Within a few short hours, in an alcohol-fueled rage, I got a phone call from him saying, ‘Come and get your children!’ It took me ten minutes to get there. When I got there, my distressed children rushed out of the door into the stormy night to get away from him as quickly as possible.

At home we talked. We tried to heal. We went around taking turns telling everyone five things we loved about them. We hugged and we kissed and we reminded each other again that we love each other.

They’re in bed now. My wish is very different now. I wish that my children never have to see that ugly side of humanity ever again. I wish I could erase from their young and impressionable minds the horrors they’ve witnessed. I wish I could have done something to prevent it from happening. I wish the frightened faces that I saw getting into the car won’t haunt me forever. I wish they would have stayed with me today. I wish the happiness they felt this afternoon would have endured. I wish I would have known the value of this moment and how fleeting it was when I captured this picture.

Day 15 I Wish

Ans that’s all I have to say about that…

For now.