Day 4 of Photo-a-Day challenge.

This is a tough one. To take a photo of my favorite places are virtually impossible right now. You see, my most favorite of places is my own mind. I love my dreams, my daydreams, my fantasies and my hopes. It’s where I’m truly me. Wow, that just kind of struck me a little just then. So, like I was saying, my mind is my favorite place to retreat to.

My next favorite place is equally as elusive to get to – it’s in a whole other country. Growing up in Fiji was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I loved the lushness of everything around me. Yes, we were a little slow in catching up with the rest of the world in a whole lot of ways, but to me, as an adult, as a mother, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My high school was located in one of the nicest places I can think of, and I guess it didn’t hurt that I was a bit of a nerd so I was always in my element there. I’m sure it won’t be as striking to some as it was to me, but there was just some quality about it that has held a portion of my love forever. The most wonderful place on the entire campus was the gymnasium and the sports field which were right next to each other. Surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation, it was just amazing to be there.

Not to be out-done, my next favorite place is the home I spent my childhood in – also in Fiji. I don’t even have any old photos of the place since we had to leave most of those kinds of things behind when we moved here. Long story – for another time. It was a simpler time. I miss everything associated with it, especially my mother, who passed away fifteen years ago.

So, no piccies today. Just some rambling.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

For now…