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My delicious little Tristan is just about the sweetest little boy, EVER!


He can also be a little dramatic sometimes. Like when he came to me a few days ago to see if I would have a birthday party for him. We have a standing guideline in our family that we do a party for one child out of the three each year and there’s a rotation in place. He had his last year and this year it’s his oldest sister, Zoë’s turn – and it works out quite well since she’s really looking forward to her sixteenth birthday.

So this adorable little ball of affection and energy comes over to me and asks for what seemed like the fiftieth time if he could have a party and I had to break the bad news to him again.

Today I was shown his response to my rejection by Zoë:


All I can say is, I can totally wait for him to become a teenager!!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

For now.