1. I don’t have my own handwriting. I just kinda copy whatever strikes my fancy.

2. I don’t know how to ride a bike. I have an irrational fear of falling.

3. I lost the entire nail off of my middle finger from my right hand as a child and the mental image still creeps me out!

4. I am obsessed with the game 7 Little Words.

5. I used to suffer from chronic ‘Comparing-itis’, it’s only seasonal now.

6. I once threw an open scissors at my mothers foot because I refused to let her take me home from a neighbor’s place – I was about 2.

7. I cannot live without music. My taste in music is my own. It has to speak  to my soul.

8. I tried to kiss Tevin Campbell when I was 15 and got yanked back by one of his security guards. He had made an appearance at a Westfields and was signing copies of his ‘I’m Ready’ CD. I’d lined up forever just to be close to him and as I approached the table, I decided to go for it. The worst part was that he looked like he would have kissed me too and made an ‘Aww’ face as the security helped me off the stage. (Carpe Diem, I say)

9. I once fell through a break in a reef I was walking on. I was lucky that it was narrow enough for me to brace my legs against the sides and pull myself  out. I was even luckier that no freaky sea creatures got me.

10. I think Christian Bale is my soul-mate and that if he ever meets me, he’ll know it too 😉