So, it turns out that with growth comes growing pains. Who knew?

I can honestly say that over the past six or so months, I couldn’t have grown more if I were tied to Procrustes’ Bed of Horrors. While I foolishly went about resisting this growth most vehemently for quite some time, it dawned on me only a few short days ago that I am the author of my own misery if I maintain this unpleasant attitude.

And would you believe it? It was almost like a switch clicked or something (I know how clichéd that sounds, but I’m really not kidding!) and I feel more alive than I have done in years.

If I had to give an analogy (and I know I don’t), I would have to say  it was like scratching pieces of wood to ignite some dry husks à la Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Well, I finally created fire!

It feels so good to choose to be in control and to know that you have power over yourself. More importantly, it feels good to know that if you time-travelled to this day from your past, you’d be able to say to yourself, ‘Hey, you know what? You did alright.’

And that’s all I have to say about that…

For now.